Children are human beings -- each of whom, we believe, is worthy of celebration. Through relationships of loving, caring, and trusting, children develop the qualities inherent in their humanness, which they share with the whole of nature: uniqueness, interdependence, unfolding, cause and effect, duality. We value those qualities and believe that humanness evolves where naturalness is nurtured.

Sierra Kramer and Michelle Webster have almost two decades worth of education in experience in Early Childhood Development in the state of Oklahoma. Our teaching style has been heavily influenced by our positive experiences with the Reggio Emilia and Waldorf approaches in our classrooms. We are most inspired by our role as mothers. We personally identify with the challenge of finding quality learning experiences for our children and are committed to serving Tulsa families through our enthusiasm for education. Because we believe the family is the most important influence in the life of the young child, we hope parents will feel the value of our philosophy and accept it into their own lives.