“Ms Michelle and Ms Sierra see each child for who they are and who they are  becoming. The care and guidance that is shown at Honeybee extends beyond the Schoolhouse. Honeybee Schoolhouse is a whole family experience.”

-Ridge’s Family

 “Honeybee Schoolhouse is exactly what I was looking for in a preschool.  It is small enough for each child to get plenty of attention, there is a backyard to play in with a garden (mud!) and teachers who genuinely care about the kids and who are well-trained in early childhood teaching theories."

-Ellie’s Family

“The leaders of this schoolhouse are so intentional about early childhood learning and the importance of exploration/self learning. Our son Gus has felt loved and excited to be a part of the community at Honeybee’s from day one. They encourage analytical thinking skills while constantly demonstrating positive feedback for new achievements. They do not use shame based consequences, nor do they use shame in any part of their communication with the children at Honeybee. My wife and I are incredibly grateful for their love, care, and support with our 2 year old- Gus.”

-Gus’ Family 

“When I think of Honeybee Schoolhouse, first, I have such GRATITUDE for a happy and healthy "home away from home."  I'm AWESTRUCK by Sierra and Michelle's capacity for love and kindness.  I'm INSPIRED by their genuine devotion to helping raise our children in such purposeful and beautiful ways.”

-Lilian’s Family

“At the Honeybee Schoolhouse, there is a special feeling housed within it’s walls. It isn’t just by happenstance, but an intentional love and respect for the dignity of even the littlest among us that manifests this feeling. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this family!”

-Natalie’s Family

“As parents it was important for us to introduce our daughter at a young age to a loving and nurturing community that was outside of our family. That's why we chose Honeybee.   

Having our daughter learn early to associate school with kindness and positivity was the best investment we could think to make for her at this age. 

Ms. Sierra and Ms. Michelle are not only excellent teachers, but also savvy stewards and trusted guardians of our daughter's compassion and imagination. We are so happy to have our bee in their hive!”

-Lee’s Family

“Honeybee Schoolhouse is a celebration of early childhood. Sierra and Michelle  honor children's curiosity, creativity, and capacity to love learning and find fascination in their world.  While attending Honeybee, my son has discovered himself, his ability to generate friendships, how to sustain joy, and new passions and interests.  Sierra and Michelle give generously of themselves and their love as they invest in their precious honeybees. They have successfully cultivated a safe space for wonder and adventure. Honeybee Schoolhouse has blessed my family.  My heart is full of gratitude.”

-Rhett’s Family

 “My mother, a retired first grade teacher, has commented many times about how the Honeybee kids are so happy every time she picks up my daughter.  And she's right! We have had 2 children attend Honeybee Schoolhouse and here are some really important things they have learned: conflict resolution in a peaceful manner, the importance of caring for one another, how to tend to a garden, respecting the words of others, and the confidence to face the real world with a kind heart and open arms.  In lieu of sending our Honeybees off to pre-k after they turned 4, we elected to stay for a bonus year at Honeybee because it truly has been a magical experience for our whole family.”

-Evelyn’s Family 

“The teachers at Honeybee are so sweet, attentive and kind. The backyard playground is really awesome.”

-Olivia’s Family